Onawa Bible Baptist Church
Onawa Bible Baptist Church desires to be a church that fulfills the Biblical mandate of being the Pillar and Ground of the Truth.  The church is to be faithful in upholding the Word of Truth.  One of the ways in which Onawa Bible Baptist Church attempts to do so, is by systematically teaching through Word of God in our Sunday School Program.  We welcome you to come and be a part of one of our classes. 
 Hannah Sperling Image Hannah Sperling

Ms. Hannah teaches Sunday School for ages 4-9 and also Junior Church! Lessons are from Answers in Genesis Curriculum. Kids enjoy activities that enforce what they learn.

 Esther Sperling Image Esther Sperling

Ms. Esther is the teacher during Youth 4 Truth on Wednesday evenings for the 4-9 year old class. Kids are taught through the Answers in Genesis Curriculum that we can trust God's Word! Lessons are reinforced with songs and activities for their age.

Pastor Matt Sperling Image Pastor - Matt Sperling

Pastor Sperling teaches the Middle School through Adult classes.  Students in both middle school  and high school face unique pressures. They need help as they learn to live right in a culture gone wrong. Through student participation and discussion, Pastor Sperling emphasizes using God’s Word to find answers and apply them to daily life. He focuses on easy-to-understand apologetics, helping the students to understand that the Bible is trustworthy and he works at equiping them to defend their faith to anyone who asks, "How do you know the Bible is true?" Matt is also the teacher for the Youth 4 Truth class for ages 10-18 on Wednesday evenings.“”